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Maritza Gomez


Laredo, TX

A Bit About Me

Maritza Gomez is a singer songwriter from Laredo, Texas and has
four released singles:"GritaConmigo", "Asi", "El Gallero", and "No
Ay en las Tiendas". Her music focuses on the Latin culture with
her own flavor of Mariachi, Tejano, and Cumbia that keep
everyone singing and dancing. Listening to her songs and lyrics
helps one feel and experience the tex-mex and the Mexican
fronteras culture. She started singing at a young age the songs of
Mexican legends in the music industry: Lola Beltran, Chelo,
Chayito Valdez, Yolanda Del Rio, Lucha Villa, Vicente Fernandez,
and Juan Gabriel. Her mother was her voice coach and
remembers the long strict practices that she endured after school
in order to prepare for the weekend performances. Today, her
mother continues to mold the intonation of her vocals
throughout her songs.

In October of 2020, after the passing of a family friend due to
Covid-19, Maritza wrote her first song: "Grita Conmigo". It is a
song that gives everyone hope and healing during one's pain and
grief. The following year she released the song: "Asi", in order to
bring some happiness and dancing into people's lives after being
surrounded by so much death during the pandemic. She then
wrote and recorded "El Gallero", a love story of two Covid-19
survivors. Her latest single" No Ay en las Tiendas" is already
making noise on the airwaves and on Mas Chingon Radio.

Maritza's neighbor and family friend, the late Carlos Landin of
the Rondels, guided her as she prepared to release her songs and
music. She recalls one sunny, but cold afternoon during the
pandemic, talking to Mr. Landin along with her husband Kike G.,
over the fence and playing her song in the backyard loud enough
for the entire neighborhood to hear. While listening to the song
Carlos would say, "esta movida, tiene ritmo, ey makes you dance,
es Laredo ... is good Maritza". She learned about the music
industry from Carlos Landin and is perpetually grateful for his
support and guidance.

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